I just came across this interview with Cliff Martinez. He is one of my favorite film score composers.

This is some footage of one of the bands I work with at Drifting Falling playing live.  Just a glimpse of what makes this band so great!

This just in Soundcloud, the music streaming and distribution service, is no longer our little secret.  They announced in a recent blog post that they’ve reached the milestone of 1,000,000 users. What makes Soundcloud so special is the decentralized nature of its service offering.  It allows you to host your music for discovery via their site (streaming or download), which includes all the social media tropes that we’ve come to know and expect such as friend list, etc. However what really makes the service shine is the ability to integrate Soundcloud into your existing social graph, by allowing you to embed songs or sets(groups of songs) into Facebook, Myspace, WordPress, Twitter and any other conceivable platform with customizable player options and display parameters.  This decentralized mindset is it’s saving grace and makes it a useful tool for independent musicians and music lovers everywhere, and quite feasibly makes the service future proof.

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I’ve really been enjoying this band a lot lately. I stumbled across this video today and thought I’d share.

I’m not really a jazz guy. I’m admittedly quite ignorant in the genre, and find much of it to be “noodley” to a degree as to be incoherent. A few years ago, when I was living in London, a friend of mine introduced me to Esbjorn Svensson’s music. It caught my imagination in a way that jazz really hadn’t to that point. The way he pushed boundaries and wasn’t hesitant to embrace sonic textures that you wouldn’t traditionally hear in jazz music.

Today for some random reason I got a bug up about Esbjörn Svensson went to Youtube started doing searches, then went to Wikipedia to read the article on him. Which is where I discovered that he died in June of last year in a scuba diving accident. It’s well after the fact, I realize that but I find myself, for lack of a better turn of phrase, really bummed out. He was an excellent musician and innovator that helped open my ears to a genre that I might have previously dismissed, and there’s not many artists for whom I can say that.

See below to see what make he and his trio so incredibly special.