October 25, 2017

Luminaries Kevin Shields and Brian Eno team up for this drone/noise fest piece entitled, "Only Once Away My Son" for Adult Swim.

My super super super talented friends in Epic45 have release a 10th anniversary edition of their phenomenal album "May Your Heart Be The Map". This is such a great album. You should put your hands on it and put it in your ears.


I've been enjoying the album Life After Youth by Land of Talk recently. Check out the stream below from Spotify.

Okay, so I'm late to the party. I've heard the name Grouper throughout the years as an artist I should like. I've listened to a couple of tracks here and there. Nothing really sunk it's teeth in. Today, I listened to a two track single from Ms. Harris called Paradise Valley. I was and am quite honestly blown away at the way it cut to the bone. Its not every day that you get reminded what it is that you love about music. This is one of those instances for me.

In what I can only describe as some fairly epic news on the music technology front — Ableton has acquired Cycling '74. Two solid articles covering the news are linked below. Enjoy.

Exclusive: Ableton acquires Max maker Cycling ’74; what you need to know

A conversation with David Zicarelli and Gerhard Behles

June 03, 2017

I'm super happy to have Lali Puna back in my life. They're a a very important band to me. Their new track "Deep Dream" is as strong as any of their previous work, and demonstrates how they effortless walk the line between detachment and emotional resonance. They haven't lost a step.

May 25, 2017

I stocked up on artisanal teas when I was at the Squares conference a few weeks ago. I just tried this one out for the first time this morning and it's fantastic.

Google presented a lot of new offerings in the their Google I/O Keynote. (via The Verge)

May 07, 2017

My current music gear crush.

Elektron Digitakt
Elektron Digitakt

May 01, 2017

There may be no single piece of gear that I find more intriging than the Monome Arc. I want to own this one day. Such a thing of beauty.

Monome Arc
Monome Arc
Monome Arc
Monome Arc