Web Developer / Musician / Curator / Photographer

What I do

I am a user focused Front End Web Developer with over 18 years of real world experience. I am an advocate and champion for not only end user who will be using your website, but I'm keenly focused on making the end product easily updatable and maintainable because at the end of the day reducing pain points, reducing friction and problem solving is what development is all about.

I currently work as a Web Developer at Love Advertising in Houston, TX.

Prior to LoveAdv

  • I worked at Amuse Digital (2016-2018). Amuse is part of the Houston Chronicle Media Group. The Houston Chronicle is owned by the Hearst Corporation.
  • I worked at a small agency called Herring Design (2011-2016).
  • Before Herring, I had a brief stint as a contract UI Developer at Waste Management, dipping my toe back into the corporate world.
  • From 2007-2011 I worked at Savage Brands in Houston, Texas.
  • From 2004-2007 I worked at Communiqué360 in London, UK.
  • From 2000-2004 I worked as a contract Web Designer through Aquent. I was placed at ExxonMobil

Who I am

I'm not a native Houstonian, but I've lived in the Houston area since I was 4 years old. I think that makes me native enough. An avid traveler and musician, I've ridden in a gondola in Venice, been inside the Coliseum in Rome, gazed at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, walked on glaciers in Iceland and in the Swiss Alps, and clocked many hours in Shinkansen (Japanese Bullet trains) zipping across Japan.

I spent 3 years living abroad in London with my wife and daughter, where I worked at a Richmond, Surry based strategic marketing agency called Communiqué360. Where I played an integral role on all web projects and helped push the company towards web accessibility standards while working with clients such as South West Trains, Central Trains, Monarch Airlines, ATOC, PageOne, Steam-Packet Company and Jersey tourism.

Prior to my move to the UK, I worked at ExxonMobil as a Contract Web Developer. I worked as part of the in-house web development team, working mostly on internal projects such as Intranet and eLearning. I also helped facilitate the company’s transition into more multimedia projects by contributing my audio expertise by recording voiceovers, and doing field recordings.

My musical passion has driven me to be nominated for a Houston Press Music Award for “Song of the Year” with one of my old bands. As Oppressed by the Line, I've released an international distributed album on the UK label Club AC30 and stumbled across it in Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo while traveling abroad — no small thrill. I've also released two Oppressed by the Line albums on my own label Drifting Falling.

Oppressed by the Line Drifting Falling